An initiative of the APF-USA Foundation, Raising Haiti is the new face of the organization's fundraising efforts. Through this initiative we can provide more sustainable economic support for the grassroots programs established by the residents of the Fondwa region to uplift themselves and their community.


During the campaign's first month, we succeeded in raising over $125,000, enabling us to staff a small office in Washington, DC. This team has already developed an attractive website and host of social media tools that will allow us to generate even greater success for this amazing work.


Help us make history! Together, we build on three decades of successful grassroots efforts, elevating the wonderful people of Haiti.





has been intensely engaged in the strenuous work of Raising Haiti for over thirty years.  His own peasant beginnings have prepared and inspired him to understand and hearken to the struggles of his fellow Haitians in powerful ways that have lifted hundreds of thousands of lives.

Over the past three decades, Father Joseph has been providing rural Haitians with the motivation and tools they need to create wealth in their communities and to lift themselves out of poverty. He is best known as the founder of Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest micro-finance institution with 45 branches, over 200,000 depositors, 62,000 loans in the hands of the poor, and millions in assets.

But even before the birth and miraculous growth of Fonkoze, Father Joseph was busy in the beloved community of his birth – Fondwa Haiti.  In 1988, Father Joseph founded the Peasant Association of Fondwa (APF Haiti) which boasts a primary and secondary school serving some 700 students, an orphanage, a community radio station, renewable energy, water purification, reforestation and agricultural programs and so much more. And at the 200th anniversary of Haiti’s independence, APF Haiti established the University of Fondwa (UNIF), Haiti’s only accredited rural university.

Facing what others would consider insurmountable odds, whether economic, political or environmental—including the devastating earthquake of 2010, whose epicenter was very close to Fondwa—he, together with a growing team of collaborators, has persevered, turning challenge and struggle into progress and victory.

One of the unique characteristics of Father Joseph’s various undertakings has been the grassroots nature of the impulse and related processes.  Far from the often paternalistic approach taken by well-meaning NGOs, these ventures have blossomed from the ground up: undertakings by and for the very people whose lives are now being transformed.

Over the past three decades, much assistance has flowed, whether in the form of human or financial resources, from well beyond Haiti including, of course, the United States.

Now, for the first time, resources are fast coalescing to give significant lift to these Haitian enterprises. An unprecedented number of creative individuals and organizations have recently stepped forward, committing their time and resources.  Two new 501(c)3 entities with respective boards have been established to allow US donors to receive full charitable deductions for contributing to an array of programs.  A powerful new documentary entitled ‘Father Joseph’ has been completed, is now making the film festival circuit and will be commercially released in late August.  Significant efforts are now in motion to raise adequate funds that will help to ensure the vital and ongoing success of these important grassroots endeavors which hold significant transformative promise for all of Haiti.


Your support of this initiative will make a substantial difference in the lives of thousands of rural Haitians.

Every little bit helps. Join the initiative.

Interested in the Father Joseph documentary? CLICK HERE.

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